SECURE Protection Steels

The most commonly used grades for protection against ballistic threats are SECURE 400® and SECURE 500®. Their excellent combination of high hardness and good toughness means they meet the requirements of all major national and international specifications.

The newly developed SECURE 600® meets the very highest requirements for ballistic protection. Thanks to its extremely high hardness, it fulfils maximum safety demands even in low thicknesses. These steels are usually supplied in the quenched and tempered (QT) condition and display a fine martensitic microstructure.

Among the high-hardness ballistic steels, SECURE 450® stands out with its improved toughness and excellent formability.

Ballistic steels from Ilsenburger Grobblech have been developed for a large number of applications and are subject to continuous improvement and optimization carried out in collaboration with users.

„Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without effect.” Winston Churchill

Protection of Life

Increasingly, special measures are required in modern-day life to protect property and life. The risk of bullets and blasts requires protection steels with very special protective properties. Our SECURE Protection Steels offer this protection and are also characterized by advantages that set standards.

Ballistic Levels

Ilsenburger Grobblech supplies SECURE Protection Steel according to customer requirements or according to the ballistic level STANAG 4569 (protection levels for occupants of logistics and light armored vehicles) and VPAM guideline APR 2006 for civilian vehicles. International ballistic requirements can be coordinated.


Excellent Combination of High Hardness and Good Toughness

Due to the excellent combination of high hardness and good toughness, the steels meet the requirements of all major national and international specifications.


Advantages at a Glance

  • Optimized combination of enormous toughness and hardness up to 600 HBW
  • Good further processing through cutting, welding and cold and hot forming
  • Weight optimization for hot rolled sheets thanks to very narrow thickness tolerances of max. 0.4 mm
  • Quality inspections according to national, international and customer specifications possible

Mobile Applications

  • Security vehicles
  • Civilian vehicles
  • Military vehicles

Immobile Applications

  • Building equipment
  • Doors, window frames, walls
  • Bank counters, exchange offices
  • Shooting ranges
  • Shooting equipment

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Preheat Temperatures - SECURE Protection Steels

Flame Cutting of Protection Steels

Welding of Protection Steels


Defined Ballistic Properties

The quenched and tempered ballistic steels (QT) obtain their high hardness primarily as a result of a martensitic microstructure, with the maximum hardness in the steel being proportional to the carbon content. In addition, SECURE steels generally contain chromium, molybdenum, nickel and boron to ensure an even property profile across the thickness of the plate.

Very Tight Thickness Tolerances

The use of a state-of-the-art hot strip mill enables exceptionally tight thickness tolerances of max. 0.4 mm - a fundamental advantage, for example, when developing safe and weight-optimized vehicles.

  • SECURE 400®: 3 - 50 mm
  • SECURE 450®: 3 - 40 mm
  • SECURE 500®: 3 - 150 mm
  • SECURE 600®: 4 - 40 mm


  • SECURE 400®: 380 - 430 HBW
  • SECURE 450®: 400 - 480 HBW
  • SECURE 500®: 480 - 530 HBW
  • SECURE 600®: >550 HBW

Processing Properties

  • Good cold forming
  • Good welding taking certain measures into account: weld preparation, cooling times, choice of suitable filler metals, taking temperatures into account, etc.
  • Drilling, countersinking and thread tapping possible using suitable tools and processing methods
  • Thermal cutting: Depending on the plate thickness, different cutting methods are recommended (laser beam and underwater plasma cutting, abrasive water jet and flame cutting

Your Contact Persons

In order to provide you with the best material solution and processing of SECURE steels, the experts of our Technical Customer Service are at your disposal. With great commitment, they offer you comprehensive assistance in construction and processing. Here you can get answers to joining and forming questions, product training and, of course, technical support in optimizing production processes. 

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