85,000 Tons of Heavy Plates: Foundation Structures And Wind Turbine Towers for the “Meerwind” Project

Ilsenburger Gorbblech GmbH delivered a total of 85,000 tons of steel for the offshore wind farm Meerwind. By this, we covered the entire demand of heavy plates for the wind farm with Ilsenburger quarto plates.

Initially, some 70,000 tons of 80 monopiles were produced including the respective transition pieces. These are the base components the towers are placed on. The 80 towers themselves were built from 15.000 additional tons of steel.

After its completion as one of the first offshore wind farms, Meerwind will produce a power of 288 megawatts to supply approximately 360,000 households
with green power.

Horns Rev 3

The third project phase of the first Danish offshore wind farm in the North Sea, „Horns Rev“, is supplied with 26,000 tons of heavy plates by us as sole supplier. This quantity is to be used to build a total of 49 wind turbines, each with a rated capacity of 8.3 megawatts. Once connected to the grid, this wind farm with a total capacity of 400 megawatts will satisfy the energy demand of approximately 450,000 Danish households.

West of Duddon Sands – Offshore Wind Farm

The wind farm “West of Duddon Sands” is located about 14 kilometers southwest of Walney Island, Cumbria which is the largest island in the Iris Sea. Wind conditions here are good throughout the year allowing to generate electricity for supply over 300,000 households with an installed capacity of about 390 megawatts.

To build the monopiles with diameters of five to six meters and the transition pieces, we delivered about 22,000 tons of grade S355ML steel. The weight of each individual construction amounts to 334 to 516 tons.