Tolerance and Diversity

Diversity at Ilsenburger Grobblech

For us in the company, diversity stands for respect, fairness and inclusion. But we also live an open and dynamic cooperation through flat hierarchies and equal opportunities. Our Group-wide YOUNITED mission statement and the Code of Conduct provide us with the framework for respectful interaction - this topic has long been a matter close to our hearts and lives from the everyday appreciation of each individual. Because only with clear values can we create creative and innovative cooperation.

Logo United

Our Mission Statement

Code of conduct

Our understanding of diversity


Tolerance and appreciation is
very important to us. We uncompromisingly reject
exclusions of any kind.


For an equal working climate,
we are keen to recruit
women to management positions.


Together with our trainees,
the entire workforce supports a school
for children with disabilities through donations.

A culture of acceptance and appreciation


employees shape our everyday work creatively
and diversely.

"I quickly realized:
respectful interaction plays
a major role here."

days a year we are
there for each other.

"We solve problems with an
open mind. That shapes our culture.“

Career blog: We live diversity

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