Clean Power by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

Our specialty, the 9% nickel alloy steels allow modern cruise ships to be powered with cleaner propulsion than conventional heavy oil-powered ships.

The "AIDA Nova" is the first of a series of four Helios class cruise ships that will be fitted with low-temperature tanks made of a total of 308 tons of Ilsenburger heavy plates for liquid natural gas (LNG). With their LNG propulsion, all four ships will reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 25%. As this propulsion technology emits virtually no soot, emissions such as sulfur compounds and particulates are substantially reduced.

Maersk Beaumont

The Maersk Beaumont is one of the largest container ships of the PANMAX class. With a length of 294 meters and a width of 32 meters it has enough capacity to hold approximately 4,200 containers. And, with top speeds of 30 knots, it is one of the fastest container vessels worldwide.

About 3,500 tons Ilsenburger ship building grades A36TM to E36TM plates were used for the Maersk Beaumont which connects Europe with the American continent.

Maersk Naha

The Maersk Naha is the last of seven of the VWS 2500.2C container ships built at the Volkswerft Stralsund. The ship named in Rostock-Warnemünde built from Ilsenburger heavy plates is rated for 2,524 containers with an engine output of 24,880 kilowatts.