Facilities Oil/Gas

Millions of years ago dead microorganisms slowly sank into the warm seas, then decomposed on the seabed and were converted into energy rich organic substances. The mineral oils and natural gases that were created form the basis of modern life today, though it is true that the priests of the Parsees, who lived about 5,000 years ago in the area of present-day Iran, did already use outflowing gas for the eternal fire for their temple.

Johan Sverdrup Project

The Johan Sverdrup oil field is one of the five largest oil fields beneath the Norwegian Continental Shelf. It is expected to produce between 1.9 to 3.0 billion Barrel of oil during its service life of 70 years.

For this project, the world’s largest jacket construction was built. The 26.000 ton platform was named after “Ægir“, a sea giant from Nordic mythology. Together with its sister company MGB, Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH supplied 20.000 tons of offshore grades with individual plates weighing up to 28 tons for this platform.

South Pars Field – the World’s Largest Gas Field

Today’s largest gas field, the so-called South Pars Field with a volume of an estimated 100 billion cubic meters, is located in the Persian Gulf. In its current exploitation phase, two platforms produce gas 100 kilometers off the Iranian coast. Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH delivered approximately 75,000 tons of heavy plates for this project to produce straight bead welded tubes for the two pipelines. The pipelines connect the gas collection station in the Persian Gulf with the refinery at the Iranian coast.

The Al-Khafji Field

With an estimated volume of 30 billion barrel oil, the Al-Khafji field in the Persian Gulf is one of the worldwide largest developed oilfields. Up to 270,000 barrel crude oil are extracted per day.

Modernizing and upgrading the existing offshore facilities with six additional drill and production platforms consumed approximately 5,000 tons grade API 2W Gr. 50, API 5L Gr. X52 Ilsenburger four-high plates.

The Salman Oil & Gas Field

One of the largest offshore plants in the Persian Gulf is operated in the Salman Oil & Gas Field. This plant produces acid gas. Due to the increased risk of hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC), the used pipeline steels need to meet particular requirements. 

To build these pipeline, we supplied about 35.000 tons RESTIL® X60 sour gas grade heavy plates. This quantity was necessary to build the 247-kilometer Sour Service offshore gas Pipeline.