Abrasion Resistant Steels BRINAR®

Wear causes costs. That is why we offer a series of suitable materials by means of which costs can be reduced, for example our wear and abrasion resistant BRINAR® steels. With their optimized alloy concept and fine distribution of very hard chromium and molybdenum carbides they offer a long service life, even under extreme wear conditions, while providing very good processing properties at the same time.


ILG has been successfully producing wear-resistant BRINAR® steels for over 25 years. We have listened, understood and implemented the wishes and suggestions of our customers. The name BRINAR® has remained, but in terms of substance we offer a product with improved processing properties and excellent wear properties. Flatness and surface quality have been significantly improved.

Improved Processing Properties

These improvements are made possible by a modified process technology. First, the sheets are pre-blasted to produce a clean, scale-free surface. Heating then takes place in a highly energy-efficient furnace. Since the entire furnace chamber is filled with nitrogen, renewed scaling is prevented. Damage to the sheet surface, e.g. due to an accumulation of scale residues and resulting indentations in the hot sheet surface, is ruled out here. Another decisive advantage is the direct cooling of the steel surface in the quette. Uneven or delayed cooling by the scale is ruled out.


The heart of the new heat treatment line is the multifunctional quench. Water distribution is specifically matched to the respective plates, enabling the production of consistently high quality.

Steel with Character

The design of the chemical composition used in BRINAR® steels, is aimed at excellent processing properties without compromising wear resistance. A reduction in preheating temperatures during further processing, improved formability and a high toughness level characterize our steel. This is achieved by reducing alloying elements. In comparison, for example, the proportion of carbon has been reduced by 25% in plates up to medium plate thicknesses, while maintaining the same hardness.


  • Yellow Goods (construction, earthmoving machinery, mobile cranes, mining)
  • Special machinery (road construction, recycling)
  • Parts business (cutting tools, excavator buckets, screens, chutes, drums)
BRINAR® Material Specification Sheets
Wear and Abrasion Resistant Steels




Your Contact Persons

In order to provide you with the best material solution and processing of BRINAR® steels, the experts of our Technical Customer Service are at your disposal. With great commitment, they offer you comprehensive assistance in construction and processing. Here you can get answers to questions on joining and forming technology, product training and, of course, technical support in optimizing production processes. 


Contact us. Our experts will be happy to advise you!

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