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Yellow Goods

Caterpillar Crane LR 1280

The LR 1280 caterpillar crane with a rated engine capacity of 612 hp at 1,900 rpm is deployed under extremely wearing conditions. Our BRINAR® series sheets with their optimized alloy concept make sure that also those parts most exposed to abrasion are fit for a long service life.

Source: Fraport
Flugzeugschlepper (Quelle: Fraport)

Aircraft Towing Tractor AST-1

The tow-bar-free tractors of the AST-1 move aircraft weighing up to 425 tones. The redundancy of the tow bar and the faster driving speed of these tractors accelerate aircraft movements by factor three compared to conventional tow-bar tractors.

The frame for the AST-1 is made of high tensile MAXIL® fine-grained steel. Sheets with thicknesses up to 100 millimeters are welded together to build a tow truck frame weighing approximately 10 tons.

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