SECURE Protection Steels

10.06.2022 | Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH

SECURE safety and security steels –announcinganew dimension of asuccess story!

  • Salzgitter Group offering high-strength and ballistic steels
  • Presentation at the Eurosatorytrade fair in Paris from June 13 to 17
  • Another step on the growth path at Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH

Salzgitter: Ilsenburger GrobblechGmbH (ILG) –a subsidiary of Salzgitter AG –will be attending the Eurosatory trade fair in Paris on June 13 to 17, 2022 for the first time, where it will be showcasing the company’s safety and security steels at the German Pavillion/H692.

These steels are developed and manufactured especially for applications involving automobiles, state limousines, off-road vehicles, trucks/light utility vehicles, security vans, police vehicles, as well as facades and fences.

ILG has acquired the brand rights and product descriptions for SECURE safety and security steels as well as the associated production know-how from ThyssenKrupp. As a supplier of ballistic and high-strength water-quenched and tempered plate, ILG is moving to take account of increasing customerdemand in this product segment as well. The company has also acquired and will now produce the NAXTRA and XABO brands.

Following the commissioning of the new SMS MultiFlex-Quench®, this is another important step for ILG in establishing itself as a supplier of water-quenched and tempered platesthat meet the exacting demands of the international market.

The extreme hardness of SECURE plates meets maximum safety requirements while minimizing plate thicknesses. These steels are generally supplied in QT (quenched and tempered) condition, and exhibit a fine martensitic structure.

Among the range of high-strength safety and security steels, SECURE 450 is particularly outstanding for its improved toughness and superlative formability. This grade owes these charac-teristics to its fine martensitic-bainitic structure. Consequently, it is particularly suitable to provide protection against explosives, or to satisfy demanding design requirements.

In common with all other grades referred to, this steel is also supplied in QT condition. In order to provide adequate protection against ballistic threats, it is essential that the steel exhibits exceptional hardness. Similarly, the greater the hardness, the better the ballistic protection in general afforded by the steel.ILG produces these steels in thicknesses from 3 mm to 150 mm.

The grades most commonly used to protect against ballistic threats are SECURE 400 and SECURE 500. Thanks to their excellent combination of great hardness coupled with superb toughness, these steels meet the requirements contained in the principal national and international specifications. SECURE 600 satisfies the highest demands for ballistic protection.

With the acquisition of SECURE –a name known worldwide for ballistic rolled plate –and the associated know-how, Ilsenburger Grobblech continues to rebalance its portfolio in favor high-quality products, as well asexploitingthe potential for further product developments in future in the field of safety and security steels.

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