RISE increases delivery performance

26.04.2023 | Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH

EDI Connection implemented

At Ilsenburger Grobblech, we are raising our customers' service experience to a new level with the RISE program. To this end, we are replacing the current practice of transferring data by typing it in through digitization and electronic data interchange (EDI). The processes in sales and logistics will be faster, less error-prone and also more sustainable, because paper is not necessary. Thanks to EDI, information on inventories and delivery status is now available in real time - for the customer and for us.

After production, our heavy plates often take its time to reach the customer, and are usually delivered sustainably by rail via intermediate warehouses and to ports where shipping deadlines have to be met. To ensure reliable delivery, it is essential to know where the material is at any given time. RISE therefore started digitally mapping the supply chain in January 2023.

An important milestone has now been reached.

ILG's largest external warehouses are connected to us via EDI and tracking of the rail cars is possible. After loading at the plant, we can now track the exact location of each rail car. The warehouses report the receipt of goods to us online, so we know the exact time of delivery. Based on this information, we can act in a more targeted manner in the future and actively design the optimal delivery process.

This information is available to our customers on our eService platform so that they can reliably plan shipments or their production. This transparency saves customers and us time and effort; we become more confident and focused in our decisions and gain trust towards our customers through a higher level of service.