First Green Steel plates for Aker Solutions

04.07.2023 | Article of Ilsenburger Grobblech

Ilsenburger Grobblech in cooperation with Salzgitter Mannesmann International delivered the first low carbon steel plates for the projects of Aker Solutions. The plates were produced based on slabs from the electric arc furnace production of Peiner Träger. The close co-operation enabled Ilsenburger to supply heavy plates with a more than 70% reduced carbon footprint. Aker Solutions is utilizing these plates for their current offshore projects.

Starting at the end of 2025 the Salzgitter group will have the SALCOS® technology step by step established and in full operation by 2033 and can provide at the beginning around 1.5 Mio t of green steel. Currently smaller volumes of steel are produced by using 100% recycled steel and green electricity. This reduces emissions significantly.

To start the implementation of green steel in their projects, Aker Solutions ordered a first volume of this highly reduced CO2 steel to be utilized on a renewable project off the coast of the UK. Standard steel production generates emissions of approximately 2.3 MT CO2 per MT of steel, and the recycled green steel generates emissions of 0.36 MT CO2. This small heat represents a reduction of 192 MT CO2, which is the approximate equivalent of an average car driving around the earth 190 times.