Defining the benchmarks together – Team workshop sets the course for RISE

11.12.2023 | Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH

After months of intensive transformation work, the team came together to reflect on and further develop the ongoing activities of the RISE program. The group of participants, which was expanded to include higher-level departments, used the two productive workshop days for an active exchange of ideas and to define the further course of the project.


Since the beginning of 2022, the RISE program (Ramp-Up Ilsenburg Service Excellence) has been paving the way for an enhanced customer service and improved delivery performance. The various subprojects took the entire process from the  customer inquiry to the product delivery into account to ensure that all activities are coordinated like clockwork. In addition to the various individual measures that have so far had a primarily internal impact, a number of projects are in the pipeline that should soon raise ILG to a level that is remarkable for the steel processing industry.


The ambitious package of measures can only be implemented with a strong team effort. The joint workshop away from day-to-day business gave participants the opportunity to focus on the issues and find solutions together. It was a successful event that showed once again that we can only achieve our goals  with mutual support. In terms of delivery reliability and excellent service quality, these goals are to be achieved in 2025, although it is already clear that these goals will be firmly anchored in the company even after the end of the project and be further expanded.