Terribly cold here!

Liquid natural gas (LNG) is stored at extreme temperatures: 

  • LNG becomes liquid at -164 °C.
  • If LNG is liquefied it is reduced to only one six hundredth of its original volume
  • The plate of these tanks easily withstands temperatures up to -196 °C. They are wrapped into a thick insulation layer because the radiated coldness could be dangerous for the personnel and plants aboard.

Material properties: 

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Operating temperatures: up to -196 °C
  • Highest toughness at low temperatures

The Nickel content makes the difference

The production of 9 % Nickel alloyed steels are our specialty. They are resistant to extreme temperatures and the high pressure, at which liquefied natural gas (LNG) is being stored. 

We deliver Nickel alloyed steels according to European and international standards:

  • 12Ni14, 12Ni19, X12Ni5, X7Ni9, X8Ni9 
  • A/SA 203 Gr. D, A/SA 203 Gr. E, A/SA 353, A/SA 553

Strong, if it needs to be

Our cryogenic steels are up to 8 cm strong. The low-temperature plates of these tanks have thicknesses up to 5 cm. 
This is absolutely needed, as the enormous weight of the tank plus its filling and the large temperature difference from inside the tank – LNG is stored at -164 °C to outdoor temperature make enormous demands on the materials and the welding seams.
Steel grade: X8Ni9
Delivery condition: quenched and tempered (Q&T)
Plate thickness: up to 50 mm
Scope of delivery for AIDAnova: shell and head plates
Certification: RINA


Three tanks for low-emission drives

The cleanest fossil fuel of the world, LNG, drives the engine. LNG is stored at -164 °C in three Nickel alloyed tanks. The total volume of the three tanks comprises 3,627 m3. 
Liquide and cleaned, LNG contributes to a decrease in CO2 of 20 %, in nitrogen Oxides of 80 % and a reduction of particulate emissions and Sulphur oxides of 100 %.

Tank surface: 2,186 m2
Tank diameter: 7.75 m and 5.0 m

More than one kilometer of plate!

We really delivered many plates for the three tanks. 
If they were all lying next to each other, the overall length would sum up to 1,045 m, which is in total is more than the height of the Jeddah Tower in Saudi-Arabia with 1,007 m, which in 2020 will be the tallest building worldwide.

Works well under pressure

The pressure resistance of tank is related to its shape. Ideally it should be round as a ball. 
As this form would be rather unfavorable to the layout of a vessel, our tanks are designed in the second-best shape, in particular like cylinders with two round ends.
To withstand the pressure inside the tanks several reinforcement rings have been fixed. Our Nickel alloyed steels for LNG Tanks resist tensile strengths up to 640 megapascal. This relates to a pressure of 6,400 bar.

A lot helps a lot!

308 tons of special steel for 183,900 gross register tons of cruise liner. 
If one only looks at the sheer number, 308 t is a huge order. Compared to the weight of AIDA nova, the figure must be qualified – and it surely is lightweight to travel the seas eco-friendly.