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Internships/Thesis Placement


You would like to start with an internship and get an impression of our company? We offer internships to prepare for a profession, college courses or university courses. 

We also offer 2-week internships for pupils in our training workshop. This will make you familiar with the profession of the industrial mechanic.

Internships in the context of study courses are available for students of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, forming technology, materials engineering or economy. The internship should cover at least 12 weeks.

We offer more opportunities for interns across our Group, for students and school students


You want to prepare a thesis with a practical background? We offer opportunity to write your thesis in our company. Together we will find an interesting Topic in one of the following fields:

  • Electronic engineering
  • Materials engineering (iron-based materials) 
  • Mechanical engineering (rolling mill technology) 
  • Forming technology
  • Economics

We are looking forward to your compelling application. Please send it to:




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