Throughout the consolidated companies of the group, Salzgitter AG trains about 1300 young people in a large number of different professions. In its own workshops and in cooperation with the different companies within the steel group apprentices are optimally trained for their later profession. 

At our site in Ilsenburg up to 60 apprentices are introduced to their future professions.

From the very first day, you will benefit from the advantages of a large corporation and at the same time you will enjoy the intensive personal training in Ilsenburg. At our site you can take a training to become an industrial mechanic and electronics technician for automation Technology:

You love to solve complex problems with greatly detailed work? Learn how computer controlled plants operate and how a huge amount of individual equipment can be shaped to work as a whole automatic system. Become the expert for our automated machines and facilities – become an Electronics Technician for Automation Technology.

Electronics Technicians for Automation Technology prepare the automated machines and systems for the production processes by checking the machinery and adjust and monitor the electric parameters. They program the necessary control and monitoring software programs and adjust functions and processes if required by mechanical and electric adjustments. In case of problems they handle machine failures and maintain machines, components as well as monitoring and control equipment.

Duration of the training: 3.5 years
Training site: Salzgitter

First mill, drill and solder. Then assemble, check and maintain. Are you interested in technology and machines? Then become an expert for our machinery – become an Industrial Mechanic.

Industrial Mechanics monitor and maintain the machinery. To do this, they disassemble and assemble parts and components, trace errors and repair defects. Industrial mechanics work in production and in maintenance workshops.

Duration of the training: 3.5 years
Training site: Ilsenburg

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