Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH has created an Internet platform via which our customers can inform themselves about the processing status of their orders. A computer with an Internet connection and Internet Explorer 6.0 and above is sufficient to be able to use our eService portal.

After registration you will receive a personal user ID and password, with which you can access our innovative service. All data and the documents associated with your current orders are shown with a clear overview. In your personal user profile you have the possibility of selecting diverse items of information and saving your individual settings. This enables you to either create a general overview of all your current orders or check details, e.g. relating to the production status of a specific order item. This also enables you to retrieve completion prognoses, such as details about stocks that are ready for dispatch.

Furthermore, all order-related documents can be retrieved: orders and order confirmations, delivery notes, complaints, certificates, credit notes and debit notes. The system collates all the documents of an order in one folder. In this case too it is your individual filter functions that determine the criteria according to which a search is performed.

The eService platform makes the same information base available to you as to the staff of Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH. This is an invaluable advantage for the communication involved in order processing: the contact persons involved always have the same knowledge status


If you would like to use our eService platform, please speak to your relevant contact person in our sales department.